About Us

FCRI Group Co., Ltd. is an industrial group with many companies, which is mainly committed to new material research, incubation and industrialization, focusing on the application and industrialization of new high-performance ceramic materials.

Since establishment, FCRI Group has developed to be a diversified group company integrating investment in new materials, culture and health services, through capital operation, industrial incubation, investment, merger and acquisition.

At present, the recognized FCRI products and services include ceramic rollers and coating, alumina balls and lining bricks, raw materials, refractory bricks, porous ceramics, high performance magnetic materials, professional test services and cultural communication services, which are used in the building ceramic industry, powder processing, precision casting, environmental protection, communication and automobile industry.  FCRI products not only have a high reputation in China, but also are widely recognized by foreign customers,which are exported to more than 20 countries and regions such as Italy, Spain, Turkey, India, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. FCRI Group also has established oversea branch companies and sales network in major ceramic producing areas.

There are 4 high-tech enterprises, a Guangdong Enterprise Technology and Engineering Technology Center, and a postdoctoral branch center in FCRI Group.  FCRI has more than 30 invention patents and more than 50 utility model patents and industrial design patents. FCRI was entitled as the leading enterprise in Foshan subdivided industries in 2017 and the invisible champion of Foshan manufacturer in 2020.

The FCRI trademark has been successfully registered in China, USA, EU, Turkey, Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Taiwan and other countries and regions.

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