FCRI ceramic rollers are the first choice for 3mm ultra thin sintered stone kiln
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In recent years, 3mm thickness has become the highlight among sintered stone. It was predicted that the second half of 2020 will be the explosion time. In the past two months, several 3mm ultra thin sintered stone production lines have been ignited and put into production. And FCRI ceramic rollers have become the first choice for sintered stone kilns.

There are still many technical difficulties in the production of 3mm ultra thin sintered stone. The experts in the industry pointed out that too thin tile body is the mainly difficulty. Therefore, it is necessary to control the production process from multiple links to prevent cracking, such as the use of large tonnage press, high precision conveying equipments with small beating, multi-layer dryers, and high precision roller sleeves and ceramic rollers. As core component of the kiln, ceramic rollers are indispensable transmission parts. The roller quality directly affects the operation of roller kiln and the product, so the ceramic companies often choose rollers cautiously.

The excellent high temperature performance and size advantages of FCRI ceramic rollers, as well as the stringent requirements for the roller in the production of 3mm ultra thin sintered stone, make FCRI ceramic rollers the first choice for many sintered stone manufacturers. As early as 2017, DLT and Modena respectively built sintered stone kilns for two Indian companies. They chose GF98 and successfully launched 3mm sintered stones and achieved real stable mass production.

For the production of 3mm sintered stone, the smaller diameter of ceramic roller is the better, which can achieve close packing. Theoretically, the close packing limit is equivalent to belt transportation. Compared with large diameter rollers, small diameter rollers have large deformation by their own weight and product pressure. The deformation has an effect on the flatness of the product. Therefore, the rollers need to consider the high temperature elastic modulus, creep resistance and strength in close packing. These performances can ensure the stability of sintered stone in kiln and the stability of the kiln. The GF98 ultra high temperature ceramic roller has high strength, low creep resistance and elastic modulus at high temperature. The FCRI SK95 cooling roller has good bending and deformation resistance under strong cold wind of cooling zone, ensuring the smoothness of the tiles. These characteristics can well meet the production needs of sintered stone.

On the morning of September 8, the 5# sintered stone kiln of SUNSEAST CERAMICS was successfully ignited in Sichuan. This is the first 3mm ultra thin sintered stone kiln in southwest by DLT. On September 18, 3mm high end intelligent sintered stone production line of Mount Emei Jinta by Keda was successfully put into operation. In August 2020, the No. 7 production line of Summit Ceramics in Zhaoqing under New Pearl Group and the 3MM ultra sintered stone production line of Xiangda by Zhongpeng were put into production. The two production lines mainly produced sintered stone of 3 to 9 mm thickness. They all chose FCRI ceramic rollers as the transmission component. The outstanding advantage of FCRI ceramic rollers in the production of 3 mm sintered stone has won the trust and affirmation of the ceramic enterprises.

The ultra thin sintered stone is the best substitute products for natural stone, artificial stone, quartz stone, traditional ceramic tiles and others with extremely high plasticity and wide application, especially in 3mm sintered stone. It has advantages in transportation, installation, construction and price. It was predicted that the 3 mm ultra thin sintered stone should be the most valuable one in the future. Facing this market trend, FCRI, as a leading roller company, will continue to innovate, improve the product performance and quality, and provide more high quality products to help 3mm sintered stone and ceramic slab production to a higher level.

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