FCRI roller helped sintered stone intelligent production line to ignite successfully!
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In 2020, the popularity of sintered stone continues to rise and becomes the absolute star product this year. Many ceramic companies have successively deployed the sintered stone market. The ceramic players predicted that this and next year will be the booming year of sintered stone and there will be 300 sintered stone lines in next three years.

On August 13th, the fully imported Sacmi CONTINUA+ large sintered stone intelligent whole production line in GRIFINE CERAMICS was ignited. It is jointly built by GRIFINE Ceramics and Sacmi with new smart sintered stone production equipments, advanced press machine, glaze lines, kiln, polishing and other equipments. The largest product can achieve 1600x3900MM.


On the same day, the kiln ignition ceremony held in XIANGDA CERAMICS. The production line adoptd Sacmi 38,000 tons continuous press, multi-channel inkjet printer and multi-layer high efficiency drying kiln. It is the leading ultra large and thin sintered stone production line in China, which can produce ultra thin sintered stone with the largest size of 1600×3900MM and the thinnest thickness of 3MM.


In order to meet the production requirements of large sintered stone, ceramic companies have more strict requirements for production equipments. After discussions and comparisons, GRIFINE and XIANGDA both chose FCRI ceramic rollers.

They used FCRI GF98 in firing zone and SK95 in rapid cooling zone. The advantages of GF98 are high temperature strength and the max working temperature can reach 1400°C.It has small creep at high temperature and high elastic modulus, which can provide strong guarantee for the flatness of the slab. In addition, the GF98 roller adopts cooling isostatic pressing technology and the density reaches 3.0g/cm³, while the roller of extruded technology and the density is 2.7g/cm³. The density of FCRI roller is higher than the ordinary. GF98 has become the first choice to produce sintered stone.


And the SK95 is cooling roller in rapid cooling zone, which independently developed by FCRI. It adopts imported special raw materials and cooling isostatic pressing technology. It will not bend or deform under the strong cold air in rapid cooling zone, ensuring the flatness of the tile. The performance is comparable to similar Italian products and it is more cost effective. It has become one of the indispensable supporting products in the production line of sintered stone and wall tiles of large production.

The FCRI ceramic roller series are complete and suitable for the preheating zone, firing zone, rapid cooling zone and cooling zone. FCRI has a market share of over 80% in the domestic sintered stone production lines, which is unique in the industry.







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