The application of FCRI GF98 in popular ceramic slab and sintered stone production
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From 2018 to 2020, sintered stone have entered blooming period and have become the hottest star products in the industry. At present, more than 72 sintered stone production lines in China. It is estimated that the number will be over 100 and the production capacity will increase explosively by the end of 2020.

With the development of overall home decoration, ceramic slabs and sintered stone have bright market, but there are many difficulties in production. The larger the product specifications, the more difficult the production is, which poses new challenges to various processes and equipments. The surface area of ceramic slab is much larger than the normal products, so the stability of tile transfer and process control of kiln will be more stringent. Ceramic roller is an important part of roller kiln. It will directly affect the operating cost of roller kiln and the quality of ceramic tiles. Therefore, the production of ceramic slab and sintered stone has higher requirements for rollers.

Experts in the industry believe that the technical difficulties of ceramic slab are in formula, molding and firing. From drying and firing, the difficulties are the stability of tile transfer, dirty prevention, frequent conversion to empty in kiln, uniformity and stability of equipment temperature control, and internal stress reduction of ceramic slab in firing to overcome the cutting damage.


In response to the strict requirements of the production process of ceramic slab and sintered stone, FCRI Group optimized the GF98 roller. With high temperature bending resistance and loading capacity, GF98 has superior loading at high temperature firing. For example, the loading capacity of GF98 φ50mm is equivalent to φ55mm ordinary roller. In addition, the elastic modulus at room temperature of GF98 is 110 GPa, which is 1.5 times of the ordinary roller, and it has stronger deformation resistance and more stable tile transfer. In terms of the most important high temperature creep resistance, the displacement rate of GF98 under high temperature loading is about 1.9%, which is much lower than the ordinary (4.5-6.0%), indicating that GF98 has very small bending deformation at high temperature. It can improve the roller defects and provide strong guarantee for the slab flatness.

The market share of GF98 exceeds 80% in domestic sintered stone lines. Many ceramic slab and sintered stone production lines chose FCRI rollers, including MONALISA, SUMMIT, SHUNCHENG, XIANGDA, XINHUATAO, SICHUAN JINTAO, FUJIAN BAODA, ZHONGSHENG and others.

On May 30, the 4.0+ wide body sintered stone kiln of Summit Ceramics under New Pearl Group successfully ignited. The main production sizes are 1200×2400mm, 1200×2700mm, and the thickness is 6-9mm and 600×1200×10.0mm sintered stone, which can meet various types of flexible production under individual customization. This kiln was built by DLT and equipped with FCRI GF98 rollers, which met Summit's requirements for rollers with high temperature bending resistance, high temperature loading capacity, and stable tile transfer.


In recent years, the trend of medium slab is also popular. In 2020, many ceramic companies have focused on the medium slab. FCRI GF98 plays an important role in the production of medium slab. A medium slab production line was successfully put into operation in Yunnan Yimen Jiahe company on April 12.The designed daily production capacity is 35000㎡, and the current production is 600*1200mm polished glazed tiles. The kiln was contracted by Huaxin with FCRI GF98 ceramic rollers.

At present, the kiln is developing into wide body. And FCRI is developing the suitable ceramic rollers and ultra high pressure roller forming machine to further improve the density and rigidity of the rollers.

It is believed that FCRI Group will help the production of ceramic slabs, sintered stone and medium slab to higher level in the future!




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