SK95 cooling roller
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SK95 cooling roller in rapid cooling zone improved bending resistance and had outstanding performance in tile transfer

In order to ensure the smooth production and prevent the occurrence of overlapping tiles, FCRI Group developed SK95 cooling roller, which not only meets customer needs, but also complements FCRI product system.


For the purpose of improving the bending resistance and reducing the thermal expansion coefficient, FCRI Group adopted foreign advanced materials and adjusted the formula and technology, so that SK95 has the advantages of strong thermal shock resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient, strong bending resistance, high creep resistance and light weight. It has outstanding performance in super wide kilns and large production kilns. And SK95 can effectively ensure good tile transfer, improve the quality of the products, and ensure the efficiency of the factory. It is very suitable for the firing of polished tiles, polished glaze tiles, rustic tiles, wall tiles, ceramic slabs, external wall tiles and other products.


The SK95 has responded well in the market and has been recognized by customers. For example, a famous ceramics company in China produces 300mm×600mm wall tiles with a daily production capacity of 48,000 m2. And the SK95 65×4700MM has withstood the test. There are 10 pieces in a row without overlapping. And this effect effectively improves the efficiency and achieves good comments from the customer.





The SK95 can effectively improve the problem of overlapping tiles and better meet customer needs.




FCRI Group's rich ceramic roller product series provide a strong guarantee for the production of different products and the rotation of different kilns.




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