Ceramic material
Industrial chemicals material
Metal ore
Non- metallic minerals,Common metals

 Chemical composition
Phase quantitative-X-ray diffraction method
Particle size distribution
 True specific gravity
 Differential thermal,themogravimetric
 Sintering temperature,Maturing range
 Index of plasticity
 Firing shrinkage
 Firing whiteness
Screen over-size
PH value
Colour differences

Ceramic tile

 Equivalent wear and tear

Domestic ceramics

Water absorption
Lead and cadmium given off
 Thermal shock resistance
 Resistance to surface abrasion
 Hardness of glaze surface
 Impact resistance


 Bulk density
 Apparent porosity
 Linear changes on reheating
 Thermal shock resistance
 Modulus of rupture at ambient of elevated temperature
 Cold crushing strength
Pyrometric cone equivalent
Characteristics analysis of refractory mortar

Petroleum products
Coal water mixture

 Calorific value
Sulfur content
 Flash point, Fire point
Engler viscosity
 Carbon,Hydrogen ,Oxygen contents
Ash melting point
Mechanical impurities


 Advisory by telephone


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